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How are the numbers on the dice decided at the beginning of the game?
The rolled values are completely random throughout the game. The numbers of dice never come out the same at the beginning of the game, as the server will automatically reroll in that case.
Why does it takes so long to find an opponent?
Players are matched within seconds, however, in case of no-good internet connection, it may take you a while to start the game.
How come the opponent reacts so slowly at times while playing?
Either the opponent is considering his/her next move or has a poor internet connection.
Why does the game suddenly stop while playing?
It is either that the opponent resigned or the internet got cut off.
Why did I win the game with Backgammon but only receive money worth x1?
BackgammonAce applies JacobyRule, in which either you or the opponent must Double the game in order to win the game with Backgammon.
What happens to the scores if one of the players resigns or the game suddenly disconnects?
AI will make a fair decision at the moment the game stopped and will calculate the appropriate scores accordingly.
It's not fair that the opponent is always getting better numbers on the dice.
The dice are never set in a particular orientation or controlled by the system and therefore are rolled randomly throughout the game. You can check your the spots of the dice on MyPage Record.
Can I change the avatar?
You can click your avatar on MyPage and proceed to the edit page to change your avatar. You can also log in and select your Facebook profile photo.
Can I turn on/off the sound?
You can click the sound icon to turn on/off the sounds on the TOP page.
Can I change the flag?
The flag is automatically set based on your location.The flag can be changed on MyPage.
I do not want to be registered as a friend. I do not want to play with a player I don't know.
You can change the setting on friends registration and friend requests from "PLAY WITH FRIENDS" in the Menu at the bottom right of the main page.
How is the amount of Chips to bet calculated?
You will bet 1/16 of the less amount of Chips possessed by one of the players. If the amount is less than 500 Chips, you will bet all 500 Chips. 
Why does a player run out of time but then recover time?
If it looks like your opponent has recovered time, it is due to the adjustment after connection delay caused, not due to cheating.
Why did I suddenly lose so much Chips?
If you lose Backgammon in a doubled game, you may lose maximum of 6 times (2 x 3) the usual amount of Chips. In addition, please keep in mind that if you resign, you could lose the highest score possible. 
What are the guidelines around creating a username and comment for my Page?
You can't claim a username someone else is already using.
Usernames and comments can only contain alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9) or a period (".").
Usernames and comments may be unavailable for many reasons, even if it seems like they aren't being used. We prevent certain words from being included in usernames and comments.When we find user who uses certain words (eg. contrary to public order or morality) in username and comment, we will suspend their account without notice. If the username you want is already taken or not approved, you'll need to pick a different one. 
I forgot my password. What should I do?
If you forgot your password, please contact us via "password request" from the main page of the app before you log in.
I do not want to play a bot.
You can go to Game Options from setting in the bottom right and turn on/off to play bot.

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What's the premium?
BacgkamonAce premium supports your Personalized & Smart improvement by the world-class artificial intelligence (AI)!
Main function of premium is as follows

Premium Image

Unlimited online match-up!
Unlimited dislplay game results
Analysis of game results
Stats graph of your progress
Search games
Personalized quiz
Unlimited online match-up
Premium members can enjoy unlimited games. Non premium member can enjoy 6 free games per day.
Unlimited display game results
Results of online games are displayed on the server online. Check previous game results anytime anywhere. Only 1 month games are displayed for non premium member.
Analysis of game results
Analyze every move of online game results and indicate possible Excellent (best move) to Blunder moves to compare with your actual moves, by GNU 2ply.
Analysis of winning rate in every move also helps to recognize which moves made the difference between winning and losing. Your improvement depends on how you analyze each move and make less mistakes in the games to follow.

Choose game results to analyze from Replay and slide analysis window in the left side of the game result screen to indicate analysis screen. Possible moves from Excellent to Blunder and your actual moves will be indicated. Equity(value of the position) and difference(the difference of equity from the Excellent move) of every possible move will also be shown.

Premium Image

Premium Image

Show the winning rate of you and your opponent of every move.
Winning rate for Gammon.
Winning rate for Backgammon.
Stats graph of your progress
Check daily game results on the graph to analyze. Indicate Rating、ErrorRate and Earned Chips between 7 days and the whole period. For further improvements, find out the changing point of your strength and your growth.

Premium Image

ErrorRate of game results
Rating of game results
Earned chips of game results

Recent 7days
Recent 1 month
Recent 3 months
Recent 6 months
Recent 1 year
Whole period

3min d

Daily game result of 3min mode, which is shown only when ranked in daily ranking.
10min d

Daily game result of 10min mode, which is shown only when ranked in daily ranking.
3min all

Total game result of 3min mode
10min all

Total game result of 10min mode
Search games
Search online game results of all players. Make a specific search for a certain user, time period, Blunder, Win by Gammon, etc.
If not specified, results will be indicated in the order of the most recent games.

●User name:
Enter opponent's or both of your user names.
●Time period:
Specify the time period of the game to search.
●Advanced options:
Make a detailed search to find certain games more easily.
-Game Result:
Choose Single win、Gammon win or Backgammon win to choose how you win.
Specify ErrorRate of the player of the game.
-Gain/Loss Chips:
Specify Chips gained in the game.
Specify total moves in the game.
-Extract only game with blunder:
Only indicate games that has Blunder.
-Not display "Matching VS APE[Computer]:
Do not indicate games against APE.
Only indicate games with certain tactics used.
Personalized quiz
AI analyzes your online game results and on the next day suggests the most important move to be reviewed. You can also challenge a special Quiz with 20 questions created by Mochy, the world's No.1 player. The fastest way to improve is to review the games and wrong moves. Use AI to master the game!

Premium Image

AI suggests you up to 3 moves (3 quizzes) from the online game results of the day before to review. Quiz is to be added when you login 24 hours after receiving the last login bonus. In case of no game results the day before, the most recent game result will be used. Let's play online everyday and review on Quiz to improve fast.
Receive awards by answering Daily Quiz. For more details, please check Achievement.
Based on the result of Daily Quiz, AI will suggest you Quiz you should try and review again.The more you go through the Quiz, the more you find out your weak points.
30 quizzes of the all daily quiz will be indicated randomly.
This is a Quiz of 20 carefully selected questions by Mochy, the world's No.1 player, specially made for BackgammonAce! Check your ability answering questions from Q1-Q10 and Q11-Q20.
# of correct

Super natural

Wolrd Class





※# of correct:correct quiz out of 10(each Q1-10 or Q11-20)
Premium Valid Period
Check the duration of your Premium membership from Option > Account > Premium.
Premium Upgrade
While a member of the Premium, you can upgrade from Gold to Diamond/Platinum or Diamond to Platinum. In case you upgrade before expiration, the remaining period will be converted to the value of the new grade and added.
What's BackgammonAce?
This app allows you to play thrilling, speedy, and real-time backgammon matches online with players around the world for FREE!
In addition to fantastic graphics and a clean user interface, anyone, whether a beginner or an expert, can enjoy BackgammonAce with the support of the world-class Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Supported OS/Devices
Android OS2.3 or later.
iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Online Game Rules
Enjoy online match-ups with players from all over the world.
First, you will either select a 10 minute or a 3 minute match and click the "play now" button.
If you run out of time, you lose the game.
Time limit for a move in a 10 minute match is 2 minutes and 20 seconds per move for a 3 minute match.
Time you have left will be indicated on your avatar.
If you win, scores will be calculated as follows:
Single x1, Gammon x2, Backgammon x3.
Players who resign and finish the game could lose maximum Chips possible.
Real-time match-up
Your opponent is selected automatically based on your rating.
Rating shows how good you are (your skill level) and changes on a daily basis, depending on the results of your matches.
Win against players with higher ratings and your rating will move up more.
Level goes up according to your Wins.You advance to the next level each time you reach your WinRate 100% in MyPage.
Chip is your in-game currency. You can gain more chips as you win matches by Backgammon or by Double.
Ace is the world-class Artificial Intelligence that provides 2 amazing functions:
・Best Move Ace shows you the best moves to take when you need assistance.
・Positional Judgment Ace indicates the positional judgment (winning chance) of your choice between double/roll and take/pass that will help you make the best decision in every move. You will need Ace in order to use the Ace function.
You can get Ace by completing Achievement or purchase at the Shop.
You cannot use Chips to use the Ace function. Ace function will help you gain experiences and skills to master this game as you play.
Check your basic information from MyPage.
Watch on-going matches to learn how others play backgammon.
You can replay all of your previous games to study your own moves and that of the opponent's.
Ranking shows the ratings of all BackgammonAce players around the world. Go for the top of BackgammonAce!! Daily ranking will be reset everyday at 00:00 in UTC.
Practice allows you to enjoy match-ups with CPU offline. Average standard for rating: Easy: R1000, Normal: R1200, Hard: R1400
You can get special bonus by achieving and meeting the requirements.
Let's go challenge and complete them all!!
You can get special bonus the first time you complete the requirement.
Please keep in mind that you cannot receive any bonus when completing the second time and after.
Requirements may be added more in the future.
BackgammonAce analyzes all games by GNU 2ply.
Every move in a game will be counted to calculate the error rate. ErrorRate for ranking will be calculated only in games with over several moves in total of the 2 players. Checker actions and cube actions are both considered as 1 move each.
ErrorRate is shown after every move for players above R1600 during online playing.
You can purchase Chips to play and Ace necessary for using the Ace function.
The Radar Chart will show your PlayStyle based on the following types:
-[a]: Attack: rate of hit/move, number of hits in a turn
-[b]: Brave: timing of using cube, take or pass
-[d]: Defense: Rate of anchor/move
-[s]: Speed: Number of moves/expended hours
-[g]: Gamble: Rate of point/game

*each will be changed depending on each your play.

PlayStyle is determined by evaluating these parameters and other.
-Rowdy Fighter: [s] is low and [a][g] are high
-Counterattack Shooter: [s] is low and [d][g] are high
-Sonic Runner: [a][d][g] are low and [s] is high
-Samurai Attacker: [g] is low and [a][s] are high
-Nestling Technician: [a][b][g] are low
-Astounding Striker: [b][g] are high
-All Rounder: other

Find out your own PlayStyle and share it with your friends!
This shows your tactics based on the analysis of your previous matches. Let's complete all the tactics!
The map of the Win
The horizontal line of this graph shows your winning rate every 5% while the vertical line indicates the percentage you have chosen double over roll. Ideal players will have their highest rate of double around the winning rate of 70%.
The spots of the dice
The vertical dice indicate your left-hand die and the horizontal dice your right-hand die of the 2 dice you roll. As you keep on playing, the rate shall get close to 2.78%.
The title in Mypage is decided according to the average of ErrorRate.
Title of rank will be determined by ErrorRate:
ErrorRate 0.0000-2.5000 -> Supernatural
ErrorRate 2.5000-5.0000 -> WorldClass
ErrorRate 5.0000-7.5000 -> Expert
ErrorRate 7.5000-10.000 -> Advanced
ErrorRate 10.000-12.500 -> Intermediate
ErrorRate 12.500-15.000 -> CasualPlayer
ErrorRate 15.000-17.500 -> Beginner
ErrorRate 17.500- -> Awful
Daily Login Bonus 
Daily login bonus is given to everyone.
In addition to daily login bonus,log in 5 days and receive more bonus!
Receive additional bonus by logging in 5 days/week between Sunday and Saturday (UTC)!
Login days will reset every Sunday.
5 days do not need to be consecutive.
Don’t forget to log in everyday to receive additional bonus! 
Access from Multiple Devices 
You can access to your account on multiple devices if you log in from Facebook or email address.
You can register your email address from the Setting icon on the lower right-hand corner of the TOP Page.
You can only register 1 email address per account.
You cannot access to your account from several devices at once. The most recent log in is valid.
You can click PROFILE EDIT on MyPage and proceed to the edit page to change your avatar. You can also log in and select your Facebook profile photo.
You can click PROFILE EDIT on MyPage and proceed to the edit page to change your frame. You can select frames which you got on each event.
You can choose to play a match against users you are friends with.
Click PLAY WITH FRIENDS of the main page and select a friend you want to play against.
Your friend's status will be indicated.
-Challenge: You can send a request to challenge.
-Playing: Your friend is playing and is not capable to respond to your request. You can click the button to watch your friend's game.
-Offline: Your friend is offline and cannot receive your request. Contact your friend and ask him/her to start the app.

If you select the "Challenge" button, you can send a request to challenge.
If your friend accepts the request, you will start the game.
Your request will be cancelled automatically in 60 seconds if not accepted.
*If you do not have friends registered, you can search them from "Find&Add Friends".
Even if your friend has registered you, he/she will not be indicated on your list until you register them.
How to Add Friends (PLAY WITH FRIENDS)
1.Click "PLAY WITH FRIENDS" of the main page and search your friends by entering the usernames to "Find&Add Friends".
If you find the friend, click "Add Friend" and the registration is complete.
You cannot become friends in case your friend' app is set up to reject adding friends.

2.Go to your friend's My Page and "Add Friend" to complete registration.
If your friend's app is set up to reject friend requests, you cannot become friends.
About Ratings, Rankings and Chips (PLAY WITH FRIENDS)
Ratings and Rankings will not be influenced when playing with friends and there is no bet of Chips.
Banker's Fee is required, the same as in regular games.  
Registration of Friends, How to Set Up "PLAY WITH FRIENDS"
You can set up PLAY WITH FRIENDS from Menu in the bottom right of the main page.

Allow Add As Friend: Everyone (allow registration) No one(Reject registration)
Allow Challenges From: Everyone (Allow challenge requests from all users) Friends Only (Only allow challenge requests from registered friends.) 
Rules and manners
In order for all players to enjoy the app fair and square, individuals who interrupt or deliberately commit fraud to other players will be suspended from the app.

・Deliberately resigning and losing matches
・Repeat "undo" and stop the play
・Deliberately get discconected
・Make unfair bets among friends and influence Ranking.
・Use no username and comments which includes certain words (eg. contrary to public order or morality).

To maintain a happy, fun and fair environment for all players to enjoy the game, we thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance.
We hope you will continue to enjoy BackgammonAce to the fullest!

BackgammonAce Support Team 
If there is no chance left to hit each other's checkers, you can tap the AUTO button to proceed to bear-off automatically.
You can cancel AUTO function from Menu at the bottom right corner.
Notice During the Game
To notify when it's your turn (to make a move) or when there is little time left, you can set up a sound or vibration from Menu at the bottom right corner.

Timer alert sound: sound alert when you have little time left
Timer alert vibration: vibration alert when you have little time left
Your turn alert sound: sound alert when it's your turn (to make a move)
Your turn alert vibration: vibration alert when it's your turn (to make a move)
7 Day Offer after start up Thanks giving Bonus
"7 Day Offer after Start Up Thanksgiving bonus" is a special bonus which within 7 days after start up, you will be gifted 1,000 Chips as thanksgiving bonus every time your possession falls below 600 Chips.  
We hope you will continue to enjoy BackgammonAce.

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