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Pre-registration of HSBT Paris Ace2016 start!


Pre-registration of HSBT Paris Ace2016 start! The HSBT Paris Ace2016 collaborating with FFBG will start on Jun. 30, 2016.
The winner of ”HSBT Paris Ace2016” will win a prize of the FFBG Membership and the participation in the "FFBG Masters"!! Let's register and aim for the top!
-Registration: Click here!

*FFBG(Fédération Française de Backgammon)
The FFBG is the largest backgammon organization in France, established to popularize backgammon throughout the country. It organizes tournaments, holds regular events and cultivates backgammon players. FFBG will continue to manage activities and spread backgammon in France. 

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