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Why does it takes so long to find an opponent?
Players are matched within seconds, however, in case of no-good internet connection, it may take you a while to start the game.
How come the opponent reacts so slowly at times while playing?
Either the opponent is considering his/her next move or has a poor internet connection.
Why does the game suddenly stop while playing?
It is either that the opponent resigned or the internet got cut off.
Can I change the avatar?
You can click your avatar on MyPage to proceed to the edit page.
Can I turn on/off the sound?
You can click the sound icon to turn on/off the sounds on the TOP page.
Can I change the flag?
The flag is automatically set based on your location.The flag can be changed on MyPage.

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Online Game Rules
Enjoy online match-ups with players from all over the world. Each player has 10 minutes to win the match. If you run out of time, you lose the game.
Real-time match-up
Your opponent is selected automatically based on your rating.
Rating shows how good you are (your skill level) and changes on a daily basis, depending on the results of your matches. Win against players with higher ratings and your rating will move up more.
CAISSA is the world-class Artificial Intelligence that provides the amazing function : ・Best Move CAISSA shows you the best moves to take when you need assistance. CAISSA function will help you gain experiences and skills to master this game as you play.
Check your basic information from MyPage.
Watch on-going matches to learn how others play chess.
You can replay all of your previous games to study your own moves and that of the opponent's.
Ranking shows the ratings of all CHESS HEROZ players around the world. Go for the top of CHESS HEROZ!! Daily ranking will be reset everyday at 00:00 in UTC.
Practice allows you to enjoy match-ups with CPU offline.Easy, Normal, Hard.
You can purchase subscription to play and CAISSA necessary for using the CAISSA function.

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